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Stunning and Unique Diamond Rings

If there is one thing that makes women love you even more than they already then the answer to that is simple. It is diamonds. There is simply nothing else that makes them want to hug or kiss you without you even asking for it.

The first time when a diamond was in a ring was in the 15th Century. It was then that the diamond ring was used for engagement as a symbol of love and engagement.

We at Perrian understand the legends of diamond and rings both and hence our designers have created a catalogue of designs which is simply irresistible and beautiful. The Monamoure Envy ring and the Dahlia Affection ring are the perfect example of it.

Customize Your Jewelry Today

Perrian believes in providing its customers the best online hassle free shopping experience possible and hence we keep striving to improve the features that we provide you while you are purchasing something. Our newest feature includes online jewelry customization. This means you can now customize the design you have selected in 36 different ways. Yes! You heard it right! The variations are mainly of two types 1) gold related 2) Diamond related.

Gold related customization allows you to choose the colour of gold i.e. rose gold, yellow gold and white gold and the purity of gold i.e. 10k, 14k, 18k.

Now the diamond related customization includes selecting from four different variations that are with respect to the color and clarity of the diamond. They are as follows:

  • IJ – SI

  • GH – SI

  • GH – VS

  • VVS – EF

New and Trending Jewelry AtPerrian

We have some of the latest and in vogue jewelry designs available in our website From mainstream sections like pendants and earrings to unconventional catalogues like valentine’s day gifts we have it all.