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Diamond Engagement Ring

In the mid-15th century the Archduke of Maximilian of Austria ordered to make the first diamond engagement ring after proposing marriage to Mary of Burgundy. During this period precious stones especially, diamonds were very rarely seen compared to today and that is why they were spared for the royal and the most elite people.

After this ring was made several rich people from across the Europe gained interest in having engagement rings for their own fiancée and this is how the trend commenced.

After, exchanging engagement rings became a ritual, the ring was always the center of attraction and became subject of the topic of discussion among the couples and the family members and that is how it all began.

Evolution of the engagement ring ceremony

Earlier it was just men who used to give his fiancée a ring but with the change in time the ritual also took a major change in itself, women also started giving her fiancée an engagement ring and that is how the trend that we see today where both the couples exchange bands.

The band is nothing but a souvenir of the wedding promise that couples make to each other by handing aring with a diamond solitaireor a gemstone studded in it.

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Diamond Ring- gold & stone Variations

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