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Engagement Rings

Engagement rings- The most quintessential epitome of love! For thousands of years now, couples have been wearing it to show love and respect towards each other. The tradition first commenced in Egypt and the credit of inventing the concept of engagement rings can also be given to them. A tradition started by the Egyptians and followed by the Greeks- the band is worn on the third finger of the left hand because till date it is believed that the vein passing through that finger is connected directly with the heart, In Latin, it is known as “Vena Amoris” - the vein of love.

Engagement is the sacrament that one cherishes forever and the classic choice for studding the engagement ring is diamonds. Engraving your engagement band with diamond is the ideal approach to the ritual. Therefore the most significant thing to keep in mind while selecting your diamond ring is the quality of the diamonds that are to be engraved with the band.

Our expert designers from USA and our craftsmen from West Bengal, India have ensured that you get the most exclusive designs and the highest quality diamonds in your engagement rings. Perrian Jewels allows you to buy your diamond engagement ring online in three different gold colors viz. white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. Along with the choices in the color of gold, we also allow you to choose the purity of gold which is available in three varieties i.e. 10k, 14k, 18k.

Our variety is not just limited to gold, also offers you different options in the color and clarity of diamond that you want for your ring. Our options include 4 variations IJ-SI, GH-SI, GH-VS, VVS-EF.

We insist you to go through our wide range of selection in the engagement ring section which has rings for both man and woman; however, we have some top picks churned out for you:

Our top picks for 2018 is a Heart-shaped ring, etched with precious stones- designs that depict the eternal form of love. Along with it other fine jewelry designs that very will include a heart-shaped diamond & gemstone pendant and a diamond-studded earring set in 14k white gold. Then we have the Halo engagement band that has a beautiful round cut solitaire right in the centre and smaller diamonds on either side of it. You should also have a look at The Vintage engagement ring styles and the three stone engagement rings.