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Designer Nail Rings Studded with Diamonds

Whether they are designs that are in vogue or they are designs that can be attributed to a classic style, rings will stay forever. Just had a manicure? If yes is the answer than this is the perfect form of jewellery for you to flaunt in front of your family and friends.

If you are a woman and looking to adorn yourself with something that is stylish and trending then nail ring is the right way to go about it. Perrian has some uber nail rings designs for you which will make you go wow!

The best thing about this category of rings is that people wear it seldom which will bring uniqueness in you’re the type of jewels you adorn yourself with and it is quite fashionable to flaunt your hands with a piece of diamond jewellery on it. There are some nails’ designs that cover the entire nail and some can be just placed below the nail. Our catalogue of nail rings contains both types of designs and you can choose from it as per your style statement.

Wearing matching dresses regardless they are traditional or western in style with your nail ring, you will certainly be the subject to a lot of compliments from friends and family, and you will also turn a lot of heads on towards you!


Perrian Jewels is the right choice for you to shop jewellery online from because along with a great online shopping experience there are several other benefits that you can capitalise on upon purchasing from us. Our new feature will allow you to customise your jewellery with respect to the colour and purity of gold &colour and clarity of diamond.

Plus, you get to choose from a wide range of models, designs and forms of jewellery. From awesome earrings to trending mangalsutras for special occasions, we have got it all here.