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Trio Heart Drop Diamond Pendant

₹ 16,964 ₹ 17,761
Save : 797

Adore Love Diamond Pendant

₹ 35,872 ₹ 38,301
Save : 2429

Rosa Diamond Pendant

₹ 11,649 ₹ 12,379
Save : 730

Heart Wings Diamond Pendant

₹ 32,932 ₹ 33,680
Save : 748

Ivy Diamond Pendant

₹ 12,782 ₹ 13,400
Save : 618

Sweet Puppy Kids Diamond Pendant

₹ 10,367 ₹ 11,652
Save : 1285

Arie Zodiac Diamond Pendant

₹ 9,676 ₹ 10,312
Save : 636

Bubbles Diamond Pendant

₹ 117,636 ₹ 119,997
Save : 2361

Parker Diamond Pendant

₹ 21,033 ₹ 21,892
Save : 859

Dazzling Wave Diamond Pendant

₹ 26,623 ₹ 28,100
Save : 1477

The Initial K Diamond Pendant

₹ 17,042 ₹ 17,988
Save : 946

Zoe Evil Eye Diamond Pendant

₹ 19,016 ₹ 20,122
Save : 1106

Riley Diamond Pendant

₹ 11,452 ₹ 12,070
Save : 618

Divine Om Diamond Pendant

₹ 19,090 ₹ 20,091
Save : 1001

Dancing Cute Diamond Pendant

₹ 24,532 ₹ 26,114
Save : 1582

Trishul Shivling Diamond Gold Pendant

₹ 8,995 ₹ 10,021
Save : 1026

Leofe Diamond Pendant

₹ 32,231 ₹ 34,060
Save : 1829

The V Initial Diamond Pendant

₹ 16,096 ₹ 16,924
Save : 828

The Lakshmi Diamond Pendant

₹ 16,145 ₹ 16,980
Save : 835

Elegant Peacock Diamond Pendant

₹ 26,605 ₹ 27,631
Save : 1026

The Fancy D Pendant Diamond

₹ 16,770 ₹ 17,722
Save : 952

Cadence Gold Music Pendant

₹ 9,592 ₹ 10,210
Save : 618

Labios Diamond Pendant

₹ 8,176 ₹ 8,794
Save : 618

Dazzling Dual Heart Diamond Pendant

₹ 25,338 ₹ 26,203
Save : 865
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The Holy Khanda Eternal Diamond Pendant

₹ 30,271 (₹ 31,494)

Save ₹ 1223

Taylor Diamond Pendant

₹ 14,866 (₹ 15,484)

Save ₹ 618

Om Rudra Circle Diamond Pendant

₹ 24,805 (₹ 26,109)

Save ₹ 1304

Cute Box Diamond Pendant

₹ 9,783 (₹ 10,401)

Save ₹ 618

Trio Heart Diamond Pendant

₹ 29,953 (₹ 30,967)

Save ₹ 1014

Leafy Vinayak Diamond Pendant

₹ 22,207 (₹ 23,109)

Save ₹ 902

Duo Leaf Diamond Pendant

₹ 9,000 (₹ 9,618)

Save ₹ 618

Frame Om Diamond Pendant

₹ 31,961 (₹ 33,036)

Save ₹ 1075

Amazing Fleur Diamond Pendant

₹ 27,492 (₹ 28,369)

Save ₹ 877

Fantaise Heart Diamond Pendant

₹ 17,212 (₹ 18,288)

Save ₹ 1076

Mary Diamond Rose Pendant

₹ 8,137 (₹ 8,755)

Save ₹ 618

The Chandni Diamond Pendant

₹ 33,951 (₹ 35,249)

Save ₹ 1298

Juliana Evil Eye Pendant

₹ 12,567 (₹ 13,234)

Save ₹ 667

Blue Evil Eye Pendant

₹ 16,883 (₹ 17,760)

Save ₹ 877

Lopa Diamond Pendant

₹ 12,616 (₹ 13,389)

Save ₹ 773

Vasse Diamond Fancy Pendant

₹ 24,384 (₹ 25,385)

Save ₹ 1001

Butterfly Diamond Pendant

₹ 16,948 (₹ 18,227)

Save ₹ 1279

Turkish Evil Eye Diamond Pendant

₹ 16,445 (₹ 17,063)

Save ₹ 618

Eros Zigzag Tier Diamond Pendant

₹ 35,556 (₹ 36,822)

Save ₹ 1266

Blue Evil Eye Pendant

₹ 16,883 (₹ 17,760)

Save ₹ 877

Gajanand Diamond Pendant

₹ 9,744 (₹ 10,782)

Save ₹ 1038

Navya Diamond Cross Pendant

₹ 25,265 (₹ 25,883)

Save ₹ 618

The Key Heart Diamond Pendant

₹ 15,221 (₹ 15,951)

Save ₹ 730

The Initial M Diamond Pendant

₹ 13,563 (₹ 14,453)

Save ₹ 890

A pendant is a small ornament or piece of jewellery which hangs from a chain around the neck, introduced as a form of jewellery in ancient Rome. The word pendant derives from the Latin word "pendere", meaning to hang down. Historically, the term has been used to refer to all types of wearable attachments that hang from a person's body.

The traditional pendants are usually just one or two stones. They can be any shape, size and colour that the wearer chooses. A pendant does not have to be a stone or gemstone; it can also be a diamond, gold or piece of jewel, such as a snowflake. 

Perrian gives a wide variety of gold pendant, diamond pendants, mangalsutra pendants and fashion pendants as well. Many people wear a pendant intending to bring to look charming, rich and looks amazing. 

Buy Pendants Online India: Latest Trend in Necklaces

Perrian brand designed a wide collection of beautiful pendants online in India, and they will definitely make you fall in love. In the collection, some everyday wears pendants and some of the wear on any special occasions like reception, parties, events or office meetings. 

These are not just any ordinary jewellery pieces that you can buy online. In recent times, people have been sporting a lightweight pendant that has become very popular. One of the most well-known trends in modern fashion is these days is to wear a pendant which is designed with a solitaire diamond or with a pearl on it.

Pendant jewellery set is one of the latest trends in jewellery fashion; And, Pendant set with chain, earrings, rings and bracelets come. Perrian.com is an online jewellery store where you can find the best range of diamond pendants that has a variety of options to choose from. The prices are also very affordable which budgeted friendly in your pocket. Here you can shop for the latest collection of diamond pendants at reasonable prices. 

Types Of Pendants Available On Perrian Jewels.

There are various types of pendant comes which you can wear everyday wear life or wear at any special occasions visit as a guest like a wedding reception, engagement bash etc. Below is the list of pendants which you can choose as per your comfort. 

Custom Pendants: 

The custom pendants are made according to your preference and taste. The Perrian jewels team can help you with the design and style of your pendant. These customized designer pendants will be made specifically for you alone. It can be someone's name or anything you want to customize as a pendant. This pendant will be made with the finest quality gold, silver, platinum or any other metal that you require. 

Religious pendants:

We have a different collection of religious pendants for you to choose from. You can choose a variety of different pendants from our collection like the Shiva pendant collection, Ganesh pendant collection, Balaji pendants etc. and other different symbols of peace and love pendant. These religious pendants belong to all religions.

Infinity pendants:

In the infinity pendants, you will have a design of the infinity symbol that represents endless feeling and love. This symbol is perfect for those people who are celebrating their infinite love. This is the best way to show that you truly love the person that you’re with and our infinity pendant collection has infinite designs for you to choose from. 

How to Choose a Pendant? and How Much Should You Spend?

Pendants are one of the most popular trends in jewellery today; Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect pendant for your personality. It is also important to determine your budget before buying a pendant online.

Tips To Choose A Correct Pendant:

Before going to purchase a pendant you should understand what type of pendant you require. You can choose a diamond pendant, gold pendant, a religious pendant, alphabet pendant, etc. Once you have decided on the type of pendant that you would like, you may decide whether it includes a chain or not.  

Price Of Pendant:

Price of pendant decide as per their material, types and weight If you require only plain 18k gold pendants, the price starts from INR 5000 to INR 25000 excluding chain, Or for an elegant solitaire diamond pendant and gold with diamonds are more expensive, with the diamond carat being a major factor when paying for it. Diamond pendant starting cost is approx INR 18, 000 to INR 1,50,000 and above. 

Why Buy From Perrian?

Here you can buy a large collection of pendant designs as an option like contemporary design, different sizes of pendants, etc. Perrian jewellery gives an assurance on the gold metal and diamond stone, as well as free shipping with every order. 

A Gift Is Only Special When It's Given From The Heart.

Perrian Jewels is the best place to find a perfect gift for your loved ones. We have different collections of diamond, gold and silver jewellery that will impress you and your loved ones. We have jewels that are especially suited for males, females and children, so you can get the perfect gift for your spouse, for a graduation, Father’s Day gift, Mother’s Day gift or even a gift on special occasions like anniversaries. 

We have the best designs for you to choose from and our exclusive collection ranges of pendants from classical, elegant, chic and contemporary to embellished, ornate and trendy. You will find the perfect gift that will make someone very happy. 

 So, if there is someone in your life that you want to give a special gift, buy them a Pendant engraved with their names. It will be a special gift they will always treasure and cherish no matter how old they get. Delicate pendants will be a perfect gift for any occasion.