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Love triangle Wedding Ring

₹ 24,835 ₹ 26,133
Save : 1298

Raksha Diamond Bracelet

₹ 43,560 ₹ 47,700
Save : 4140

The Initial K Diamond Pendant

₹ 17,042 ₹ 17,988
Save : 946

Twisted Layer Round Eternity Ring

₹ 89,825 ₹ 92,285
Save : 2460

Triocircular Diamond Pendant

₹ 70,627 ₹ 71,585
Save : 958

Tia Bloom Diamond Pendant

₹ 54,323 ₹ 57,314
Save : 2991

Sania Mirza Diamond Nath

₹ 12,546 ₹ 13,164
Save : 618

Hita Diamond Nose Ring

₹ 6,058 ₹ 6,676
Save : 618

Sparkling Diamond Pendant

₹ 46,783 ₹ 47,666
Save : 883

Dazzling Pie Diamond Stud Earrings

₹ 28,214 ₹ 29,444
Save : 1230

Jahnavi Traditional Nose Pin

₹ 49,702 ₹ 50,962
Save : 1260

The Kamya Diamond Earrings

₹ 169,052 ₹ 172,420
Save : 3368

Cluster Plain Men's Diamond Ring

₹ 70,671 ₹ 73,595
Save : 2924

Classical Design Couple Wedding Ring

₹ 16,881 ₹ 18,382
Save : 1501

Cora Sparkle Diamond Band For Women

₹ 34,011 ₹ 35,277
Save : 1266

Beam Notes Diamond Ring

₹ 10,640 ₹ 11,369
Save : 729

The Cruz Diamond Cross Pendant

₹ 23,785 ₹ 24,403
Save : 618

Ishani Diamond Pendant

₹ 14,736 ₹ 15,669
Save : 933

Bhavya Bloom Diamond Nosepin

₹ 6,215 ₹ 6,833
Save : 618

Elvina Diamond Pendant

₹ 19,185 ₹ 20,044
Save : 859

Juliana Diamond Bracelet

₹ 44,817 ₹ 49,088
Save : 4271

Double Layer Diamond Bracelet

₹ 89,522 ₹ 94,454
Save : 4932

Reverse Nine Stunning Diamond Earrings

₹ 86,764 ₹ 89,119
Save : 2355

Dahlia Diamond Bracelet

₹ 66,019 ₹ 71,791
Save : 5772
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Twisted Diamond Bracelet

₹ 148,413 (₹ 154,210)

Save ₹ 5797

Cinco Diamond Couple Wedding Band

₹ 35,656 (₹ 37,126)

Save ₹ 1470

Mahera Dazzle Diamond Bangles

₹ 65,455 (₹ 68,243)

Save ₹ 2788

Jiya Diamond Nosepin

₹ 4,823 (₹ 5,441)

Save ₹ 618

Simple Tribal Nose Pin

₹ 6,895 (₹ 7,513)

Save ₹ 618

Regulus Diamond Studs For Men

₹ 10,728 (₹ 11,433)

Save ₹ 705

Ramon Wedding Band

₹ 17,108 (₹ 18,604)

Save ₹ 1496

Classic Ganesha Pendant

₹ 9,195 (₹ 10,165)

Save ₹ 970

Trio Leofe Diamond Bracelet

₹ 52,316 (₹ 56,308)

Save ₹ 3992

Fancy Men's Diamond Ring

₹ 154,619 (₹ 158,513)

Save ₹ 3894

Cube Blocks Diamond Ring

₹ 11,269 (₹ 11,974)

Save ₹ 705

Duo Circular Lotus Diamond Earrings

₹ 36,656 (₹ 38,429)

Save ₹ 1773

South Indian Gold Nose Pin

₹ 37,285 (₹ 38,366)

Save ₹ 1081

Dazzling Wave Diamond Pendant

₹ 26,623 (₹ 28,100)

Save ₹ 1477

The Initial Q Diamond Pendant

₹ 12,766 (₹ 13,557)

Save ₹ 791

Evil Eye Diamond Nose Ring

₹ 4,181 (₹ 4,799)

Save ₹ 618

The Kamya Diamond Earrings

₹ 169,052 (₹ 172,420)

Save ₹ 3368

Dual Tri Diamond Ring

₹ 11,110 (₹ 11,814)

Save ₹ 704

Feather Leaf Diamond Earrings

₹ 27,516 (₹ 28,437)

Save ₹ 921

Lilium Diamond Bracelet

₹ 45,122 (₹ 47,588)

Save ₹ 2466

Budding Floral Diamond Nosepin

₹ 4,258 (₹ 4,876)

Save ₹ 618

Chakra Diamond Pendant

₹ 31,233 (₹ 32,778)

Save ₹ 1545

Brilliance Floating Diamond Pendant

₹ 16,217 (₹ 17,070)

Save ₹ 853

Rose Diamond Nosering

₹ 8,255 (₹ 8,873)

Save ₹ 618

They are wonderful forms of art. It is something captivating and beautiful. There are many uses of them such as adornment, social status, or religious significance. You can use them for many reasons include a gift, an art object, a symbol of wealth or generosity, love, and protection. The use of jewellery has evolved throughout the ages and now has become part of everyday fashion. The popularity has increased over the past few years, and it has now become the perfect gift idea for any occasion. But not all jewellery is created equal, some are created from classic pieces to wedding pieces.

Jewellery is renowned for its variety of beautiful, intricate designs. India's cultural heritage has made an imprint on Indian jewellery because of India's distinctive culture and history. It is a country that has a multitude of rich traditions, which are reflected in this wonderful art form.

Classic Jewellery

This is a well-established form of jewellery that never goes out of your style. Classic styles include necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. There are many designs of this jewellery, each with its unique style. A classic style can be a good option for those who want to have something that will last a long time. Despite new trends, they never become unfashionable.

Classic pieces include pendants, brooches, cufflinks, rings, and earrings. These are already covered by many due to their exquisite designs. But there are still other options available if you do not like these types of jewellery. For example, you could choose a necklace instead of a bracelet. This would give you more choices when choosing what type of piece you want. Another thing to consider is whether you prefer silver or gold. Gold is usually considered to be more expensive than silver but both metals look great together. If you decide to go for gold then make sure you get one that looks really nice.

Office Wear

Office wear is very popular, which can be worn on a daily basis, whether you are going to work or not. They come in many forms, such as bracelets and rings. This kind of jewellery is ideal for those who want to make their style look more up-to-date and fashionable.

There are different kinds of office wear including:

Necklace - This is a simple yet elegant way to dress up your outfit. It comes in various shapes and sizes. Some people may find it difficult to match certain colors with their outfits. So, it is best to buy several items so that you can mix and match them according to your preference.

Bracelet -This is another common item used at offices. It is also known as wristwear. Bracelets are easy to access and add colour to your outfit.

Rings -Rings are often seen on fingers. They are versatile and can be combined with almost anything to your office wear.

Traditional Jewellery

This is not only beautiful and elegant, but it has also been around for centuries, and it may be considered the best kind of all. In Indian culture, traditional jewellery is worn as a symbol of respect and status. There are many varieties of this is available online from where you can buy a traditional piece. Wedding jewellery is also a type of traditional Indian ornament. Traditional jewellery includes bangles, anklets, toe rings, nose rings, rings, etc.

These are timeless and always remain relevant. They are suitable for every age group and even for men too. Many women opt for wearing traditional jewellery during special occasions such as weddings and festivals.

Fashion jewellery

This always attracts a lot of attention, and it is not because of the price tag. Fashion jewellery is bought by many ladies as fashion. We have a variety of beautiful delicate trending jewels from rings and necklaces to bracelets, earrings and bangles. Chokers, cuffs, pendants, sets and chains are all available in a wide range of materials. This is often made with gold for its long-lasting quality, but other metals are also used in creating attractive and trendy jewellery. The most important factor while buying any form of jewellery is how much you love yourself. You should never compromise on your own beauty just because someone else does not approve of it.

The most common type of fashion jewellery is earrings. Earrings come in many different shapes and sizes, from simple studs to elaborate hoops. They can be made of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum.

Wedding jewellery

The most important aspect of a marriage ceremony is the bride’s attire. She should always try her level best to look stunning during the event. One of the ways she does this is through wearing bridal jewellery. Wearing appropriate jewellery makes her feel confident and comfortable while attending the function.

Wedding jewellery is a traditional piece that is designed to be worn on a bride's wedding day or at her wedding-related events, it represents not only joy and happiness but also symbolises a union between two people and a union for life. There are many types of wedding jewellery such as bridal sets, wedding bands, engagement rings and wedding tiaras. Most wedding ornaments are usually made of white gold or platinum. The most popular piece of wedding jewellery would be the engagement ring and the wedding band. Indian wedding jewellery is very popular and is used across various cultures. In India, the groom provides a set of gold jewellery to the bride as a symbol of his love and commitment.

For Gifting Propose

Jewellery for gifting is one of the most popular trends in India today. It can be a great gift for your loved ones or friends with special meaning, such as anniversary gifts or housewarming gifts. The importance of jewellery as a gift is that it represents something from your heart that you can show your love and appreciation to others. A bracelet with a charm can hold a message that you want to be hidden from others, and a necklace can make a gift more personal and intimate. The fact is that people are buying and gifting jewellery all the time. Perrian has countless types of jewellery which make it easy to find something special to give as a gift.

Men like to wear different kinds of jewellery than women do. Some men prefer simple pieces whereas some may go for flashy designs. If you know what kind of man jewellery he likes then you will easily get him something unique. Choose an elegant design and choose a metal that suits his personality.

Gold jewellery

The most popular material that is used in creating jewellery is yellow gold. Gold has been used for thousands of years. India has a rich tradition, where yellow gold is used to make a variety of jewellery. Gold jewellery is made up of many parts. It includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. Perrian has many designs where you can get gold jewellery online.

Gold jewellery comes in many types. These include, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold. Gold is always very popular when it comes to designs and styles of jewellery. Gold is always made to last forever but with the passing of time, it may not keep its original lustre. For this reason, gold can sometimes be poisoned with copper or silver.

All Jewellery Price
Naira Flickering Diamond Bangles Rs. 160085 /-
Turtle Gold Rakhi Rs. 5934 /-
7 Curves Gold Diamond Earrings For Women Rs. 27273 /-
Anjali Diamond Mangalsutra Rs. 53437 /-
Riya Diamond Nose Pin Rs. 6268 /-
Dancing Girl Diamond Pendant Rs. 16008 /-
The Twisted Duo Diamond Ring Rs. 31745 /-
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