Tips and ways of packing your jewellery while travelling

How to Pack Jewelry
A nightmare! Is the term that pops up in your brain when you have to pack your jewellery. A jewellery has multiple pieces which are quite minuscule in size and tend to wander off which leads to the entire piece being worthless. It also involves long chains that perpetually seem to get knotted. Therefore, travelling with jewellery is not always easy, however, with a wee bit of extra effort and by following these tips you shall be fine.


You should adapt to the following methods to pack your jewellery:


Necklaces usually give a hard time when you decide to take them along while you are travelling. Necklaces usually tangle and wrestle among themselves. That is why it is advised to take only two necklaces with you while travelling. One should be a fancier one and the other should be the one which you wear daily. The fancier one should be packed and the other one has to be worn. There are three ways in which you can pack your necklace

  1. Straws

Take a straw and loop one end of the necklace through it and fasten the clasp. This can be done only if you have a straw with you. A problem you might face is that it will take a lot of your room but in the end the necklace will be tangle free.


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  1. Small plastic bag

Another trick is to take a small plastic bag and drape the clasp of the necklace out and then seal the bag with a small part of the chain outside.



If you are travelling with your rings you will want to keep them organised in a jewellery roll or organiser. Try to tuck the rings into one of the silk jewellery bags or use a small plastic bag.



For bracelets roll up a hand towel or a cloth and slide the bracelet over the rolled up towel and then put the entire towel that has bracelets in it inside a zip lock bag to keep them from wandering off.

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In case you decide not to bring jewellery role or an organiser there are two other options:


  • Buttons

Take a few spare shirt buttons and insert the earring through the button hole. Use one pair of earring for one button. Bring together all the button earring pairs and enclose them into a jewellery pouch. This way the earring pair will always remain together. However, there is a risk of the buttons getting lost because of its minuscule size.

  • Cardboards

Take a cardboard from a plastic bag or a shoe box that is very stiff and punch holes in it (in pairs) with a pen. Now, insert earrings in the holes and slide the cardboard into a quart plastic bag to keep them from wandering off. It is almost the perfect way to carry your earrings while travelling because this way you can see all your earrings in one glance.

The best hack for all your jewellery

Pill box: –

The best and the most efficient way is to put all your jewellery in a pill case. Putting them inside a pill box will keep them very safe, separate and tangle free.



In a nutshell

Finally concluding the article, this is how to pack all your adornments and make your trip headache free.

Your options (conventional methods):

  • A pill case
  • A pouch used to put jewellery
  • Plastic bags & quart plastic bag


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The Perfect Guide to Your Office Wear Diamond Jewellery

Whether you are a businesswoman or an office employee it is absolutely necessary to be in your work place with the right dress and the perfect diamond jewellery and this blog will just help you with that.

Diamond jewellery is each lady’s most loved frill, particularly in Indian office wear. It immediately adds appeal and effortlessness to any outfit supplementing those solid,” woman boss” vibes. There is nothing more appealing than a lady who is a businesswoman and looks awesome while at it.

Diamond jewellery that can be worn in office is about keeping it straightforward and rich. Regardless of whether you work in a formal workplace or a semi formal one, maintain a distance from bracelets and earrings that are clingy or chunky. Ornaments that are heavy in weight are regularly loud and can also distract other people in the office, particularly in the event that you move around in the workplace. Moreover, it is fitting to choose lightweight adornments for regular use, for a light and blustery style articulation.

Continue reading for more insights on the most suitable office wear jewellery designs.

For an in house presentation

In-house presentations can be precarious. They are sufficiently imperative to be set apart on your timetable however not sufficiently basic to impact your closet. Remain careful and if possible refrain from wearing anything that has conspicuous hues and striking prints as this will just draw attention towards your clothing rather than the presentation. Bring in flair to your outfit by wearing diamond gold earrings which will be just the right fit and will add glamour to your face.

Meeting with a client? Try this!

Discussing ideas with a client is a sort of a desperate situation. It is a Herculean undertaking that requires the appropriate measure of certainty and unobtrusiveness. While venturing out for a customer meeting, it is best to keep your wear something that is super formal like with a stunning pantsuit. Ensure that you stay away from diamond jewellery that is dangling. Diamond Pendants that are made out of pearls are the best option as it embodies sophistication and aestheticism.

Office party

Office party is the best time to be more experimental with your wardrobe and try and mix match styles. The recommendation is to wear a fun flirty ruffled dress that brings out the diva in you. This combined with beautiful and dangling diamond earrings and matching Pendants will complement your wardrobe beyond your imagination.

Daily wear

With a striking number of ladies choosing 9 to 5 occupations and taking the entrepreneurial course to progress, diamond jewellery for office wear has turned into a fundamental piece of each working lady’s closet. So make heads turn and keep the compliments coming by wearing diamond studs every day.