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Elevate Your Style: Best South Indian Gold Jewellery

Elevate your style with south indian gold jewellery

South Indian Gold Jewellery is known for its craftsmanship, designs, and elegance. It has a cultural heritage dating back centuries, symbolizing opulence and tradition. What makes it unique is the attention to detail, adding purity and lustre. The designs include motifs like mango, peacock, and temple designs, reflecting the region’s art, spirituality, and history.

Peacock Gold Jewellery

Elevate Your Style With South Indian Gold   Jewellery || Peacock Gold Jewellery ||

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These ornaments are not just accessories, they hold cultural significance and are worn during special occasions and ceremonies. Whether it’s a stunning temple necklace, intricately crafted jhumkas, or a majestic waist belt, South Indian gold jewellery is a tribute to the enduring legacy of craftsmanship and aesthetics. It is a prized living that embodies both beauty and cultural value. 

Types of South Indian Gold Jewellery designs?

South Indian gold jewellery is celebrated for its diverse and intricate designs. Several distinct design types have evolved over the years, each with its unique charm. One of the most renowned styles is the “Temple Jewellery,” which draws inspiration from the elaborate architecture of South Indian temples. It often features depictions of deities, intricate carvings, and traditional motifs like the lotus and peacock. “Kundan” jewellery is another notable style, known for its elaborate use of gemstones, often set in intricate patterns,  surrounded by 18-karat gold.

Kundan jewellery is another notable style, known for its elaborate use of gemstones, often set in intricate patterns, surrounded by 18-karat gold.

Mango Maala Necklace

Elevate Your Style With South Indian Gold   Jewellery || Mango Maala Necklace||

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 Traditional  South Indian Gold Jewellery Designs 

Traditional South Indian gold jewellery designs are known for their motifs and craftsmanship, reflecting the cultural heritage of the region. One iconic design is the “Temple Jewellery,” inspired by the architecture of South Indian temples.

These pieces often feature depictions of deities, intricate carvings, and motifs such as the lotus, peacock, and divine figures. The “Mango Mala” is a design featuring mango-shaped gold beads strung together, symbolizing fertility and well-being. “Kasulaperu” designs are heavy gold coin necklaces, often worn by brides.

“Vanki” or “Bajuband” designs are intricately crafted armlets, traditionally worn by dancers and brides. The “Guttapusalu” design is a popular long necklace featuring small gold beads and pearls, often adorned with exquisite pendants.

These traditional South Indian gold jewellery designs are cherished not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their cultural significance. They are worn on various occasions, especially during weddings and festivals, to symbolize prosperity, spirituality, and the enduring beauty of South Indian heritage.  

Modern South Indian Gold Jewellery Designs

Modern South Indian gold jewellery designs have evolved to blend the region’s rich traditions with contemporary aesthetics, resulting in stunning pieces that appeal to a wide range of tastes. These designs often incorporate traditional motifs and techniques while incorporating modern elements. Some examples are as follows:

  1. Contemporary Temple Jewellery: Modern temple jewellery designs retain the essence of traditional temple motifs but are often more versatile and lighter in weight. These pieces feature divine figurines, and intricate carvings, and are popular choices for weddings and special occasions.
  2. Fusion Jewellery: Fusion designs combine South Indian elements with other cultural influences, creating unique and eclectic pieces. You might find South Indian motifs paired with Western or Indo-Western designs, resulting in jewellery that suits a broader range of outfits and styles.
  3. Minimalistic Gold Jewellery: Minimalistic South Indian gold jewellery caters to those who prefer subtler pieces. These designs often feature simple and elegant gold ornaments with little excessive decoration. These attire are suitable for everyday use and can be combined to achieve a modern appearance.
  4. Diamond-Embedded Jewellery: Modern South Indian designs often include colourful gemstones like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires to add vibrancy and contemporary flair. These diamonds are set alongside the traditional gold work to create eye-catching pieces.
  5. Geometric Patterns: Contemporary South Indian jewellery designers test with geometric shapes, giving a modern twist to traditional designs. These pieces may feature intricate geometric patterns and abstract forms, making them suitable for both traditional and modern outfits.
  6. Personalized Jewellery: Customization is becoming increasingly popular, with individuals combining their names or initials into their jewellery. This adds a personal touch to traditional designs, making them more relevant for the modern wearer.

Trendiest South Indian nosepin and Tanmaniya Mangalsutra

The mukkupuduka nosepin is a traditional Indian jewellery piece. It is made of silver and adorned with semiprecious stones. Unmarried women originally wore it to represent purity and chastity. However, now both single and married women wear it as a fashion statement. The delicate design complements all nose shapes and adds a feminine touch. It is an iconic piece of jewellery that combines Indian culture with modern fashion.

Bhagyasree South Nose Ring

Elevate Your Style With South Indian Gold   Jewellery || Bhagyasree  South Nose Ring ||

Tanmaniya Mangalsutra is a piece of jewellery worn by married women to show they are married. It has a pendant, usually made of gold or diamonds, on a black beaded chain. The pendant is often intricate, with designs like flowers or religious symbols. The black beads are believed to protect against evil and bring luck. Tanmaniya Mangalsutra is important in Indian weddings and symbolizes a woman’s marriage.

Vasatika Light Weight Diamond Mangalsutra

Elevate Your Style With South Indian Gold   Jewellery ||  Vasatika lightweight Diamond Mangalsutra ||

South Indian gold jewellery for men

South Indian gold jewellery for men, like its female counterpart, boasts intricate craftsmanship and cultural significance. Here are some popular South Indian gold jewellery items designed specifically for men:

  1. Kada or Bracelet: Gold kadas or bracelets are a common choice for men in South India. These are typically broad, solid bangles that can be plain or engraved with intricate designs. Some kadas may also feature gemstone embellishments.
  2.  Men’s Gold Rings: Gold rings are a timeless accessory for men. Traditional South Indian designs often include motifs such as religious symbols, symbols of deities, or geometric patterns.

Two Layers Men’s Diamond Ring

Elevate Your Style With South Indian Gold   Jewellery || Two Layers  Men's Diamond Ring ||

3. Gold Chains: Men in South India frequently wear gold chains as part of their daily attire. These chains can range from simple and elegant to more elaborate designs. They are often worn around the neck or as a waist chain.

4. Gold Earrings: While not as common as other items, some South Indian men wear gold earrings, particularly in the form of studs or hoops. These earrings might feature religious symbols or motifs associated with South Indian culture.

South  Indian Gold Jewellery For Kids

South Indian gold jewellery for kids is a beautiful tradition that starts at a young age, celebrating culture, family, and prosperity. These pieces are often gifted during special occasions and ceremonies. Here are some common types of South Indian gold jewellery for kids:

  1. Baby gold Bangles (Vangi): These are small gold bangles designed to fit a baby’s delicate wrists. They may be simple or adorned with minimalistic motifs. Baby bangles are often given as a symbol of blessings and protection.
  2. Baby Nazariya gold Bracelets (Kada): Similar to baby bangles, baby gold bracelets are designed to fit a child’s wrist. These can be plain or engraved with simple patterns and are often given on birthdays or naming ceremonies.

Evil Eye Gold Nazariya Bracelet

Elevate Your Style With South Indian Gold   Jewellery || Evil Eye Gold Nazariya Bracelet ||

South Indian Gold Jewellery With  Price

 I can’t provide specific prices for South Indian gold jewellery as prices can vary significantly based on factors such as the design, weight, purity of the gold, and the shopkeeper. Gold prices are subject to daily fluctuations in the global market, and the final price of a piece of jewellery will also depend on the craftsmanship and any additional features like diamonds.


Product Design nameWeight Karat Pricing
Baby Nazariya Gold  BraceletEvil Eye Gold Nazariya Bracelet1.32 gm18k13,083/-
Men’s Gold RingTwo Layers Men’s Diamond Ring7.22 gm18k175,585/-
Mukkupudika Bhagyasree South Nose Ring5.23 gm18k55,121/-
Tanmaniya MangalsutaVasatika Light Weight Diamond Mangalsutra1.81gm14k27,833/-


What is South Indian gold jewellery?

South Indian gold jewellery is a type of traditional jewellery represented by its intricate designs and precious metals. It is often worn as part of an ensemble for special occasions and festivals, or to celebrate cultural values, family heritage, and spirituality.