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Best Celebrity Couple Rings From Bollywood Divas

Best Celebrity Couple Rings From Bollywood Divas

Rings become extra special when accompanied by the pledge of marriage. Real-life Bollywood weddings are no exception. The past few celebrity weddings have been spectacular, especially in terms of their choice of outfits, venues, and nevertheless their grand wedding rings.

Celebrity wedding rings are exceptional, and they never shy away from flaunting them. In this article, we will delve deeper into the details of some of the extraordinary wedding rings possessed by the top Bollywood celebrities of recent times.

Katrina and Vicky Kaushal Wedding Rings

Neither the red bridal lehenga nor their Rajasthan destination wedding stood out as much as Katrina Kaif’s wedding ring. Katrina’s ring from Tiffany’s collection bears a striking resemblance or similarity to Princess Diana’s iconic sapphire and diamond engagement ring. Both couple bands are made in platinum metal with solitaire diamond engraved.

Vickey Kaushal chose a classic platinum wedding ring. Platinum stands as a symbol of true love, purity, rarity, and strength. These are qualities of platinum equivalent to the ideals of eternal true love. Vicky’s classic platinum ring truly symbolizes the everlasting endurance of love.

katrina kaif and vicky kaushal celeb couple rings

Tiffany is known for their signature diamond wedding rings and robin blue-hued boxes. The ring features Tiffany’s Soleste blue sapphire diamond ring in a platinum band with shimmering diamonds surrounded by velvety sapphires. The platinum ring features cushion-cut tanzanite and a double row of round brilliant diamonds.

Soleste rings hold significance- the word sol means sun in Spanish. And, Tiffany’s Soleste design features a centre diamond or gemstones surrounded by a row of brilliant–cut white diamonds for an extraordinary display of light.

On the other hand, the blue sapphire chosen by this Bollywood diva signifies honesty, sincerity, and faithfulness in a relationship. She categorically chose sapphire believed to bring good fortune in marriage and keep the bond strong and healthy.

The beautiful significance and meaning behind sapphire make their relationship special for years to come. No wonder, this alluring piece of wedding ring worn by Katrina Kaif became the talk of the town.

The ring costs INR 6,05,808

Mouni Roy And Suraj Nambiar

Donned in a white silk saree with a red and golden border, the famous television queen, Mouni Roy, looked gorgeous at her wedding. But what was even more noteworthy was her huge wedding ring.

While choosing a style of ring, Mouni Roy has chosen an iconic piece of a wedding ring. The bride was seen flaunting her square-shaped giant diamond set in a gold band. This simple yet stunning design features a dazzling princess-cut solitaire on a plain gold band creating a timeless look.

mouni roy wedding ring photos

The shape truly reflects the true romantic heart of the bride. The princess’s stone shape is known to manifest beauty, style, and edge. To add more, the solitaire symbolizes life’s most precious moments this celebrity actress wished to represent through her wedding ring.

Mouni’s style towards distinctiveness and personalization has inspired her to choose a timeless elegance of diamond solitaire ring.

It not only made her look special but also made her feel super special on her D day. This ultimate classic ring went quite well with glamour and the style of this Bollywood celebrity and made her look stunning.

Alia And Ranbir Kapoor

The simplicity reflected in her wedding outfit could not outshine her sparkling wedding ring exclusively designed by a French luxury jewellery brand, Van Cleef and Arpels.

The ring was custom-made for the bride, and nothing could deter us from noticing her stunning solitaire wedding ring that features a special connection to her husband Ranbir Kapoor’s lucky number 8.

alia bhatt and ranbir kapoor celeb couple wedding ring

Once in love, always in love – Ranbir Kapoor left no stone unturned to get her ladylove a bespoke wedding ring from London featuring a massive hexagonal diamond mounted on a band with eight beautifully encrusted diamonds.

No wonder this pretty Bollywood diva left us all in awe with her ring. It is a strong and resilient shape symbolizing harmony and balance. A hexagonal ring represents compatibility and unity in a relationship reflective of Alia and Ranbir’s relationship in its true sense.

Alia ensured that both of their rings should reflect her style and also gain an appreciation for its vintage aesthetics with a contemporary twist.

The ring undoubtedly looked perfect for the bride-to-be who desired something one of a kind. Alia’s wedding ring is believed to be in the high range of more than three crores.

Raj Kumar Rao and Patralekhaa Paul

For the wedding day, the bride chose to keep in touch with her roots – the bong legacy. Patralekhaa Paul looked stunning in her bright red tulle embroidered butti saree and red and white Shankha Pola bangles. But, what stole the show was her classic statement wedding ring that gleamed and shone under the sunlight.

raj kumar rao and patralekhaa paul celeb wedding couple ring

She opted for a simple yet unique wedding ring that will stand the test of time and at the same time, reflects her devotion and commitment to her life partner.

A statement wedding band is a universal sign of eternal love, faithfulness, perfection, and infinity.

Deepika Padukone And Ranveer Singh

Amidst such pomp and show, Deepika Padukone made the most beautiful bride. However, what caught the attention besides her Sanskrit quote dupatta, was her solitaire wedding ring.

The rectangle solitaire set in platinum not only got the town talking for its size, but it looked simply awesome in her henna-laden hands. She ensured that her wedding ring never go out of style and remained an evergreen piece of jewellery.

deepika padukone and ranveer singh celeb wedding ring

This classy and eternally popular jewellery piece grabs the attention of its centrepiece diamond, making it the star of the show. As pretty as Deepika looked dressed as a perfect bride, the solitaire ring on her finger looked equally gorgeous.

The superstar chose solitaire to represent exclusivity, elegance, and timelessness, yet understated all at once. It showcased a perfect combination of vintage, classic, bold and beautiful. There is something humbling about holding a diamond in Deepika’s hand.

Deepika chose a perfect symbol of love that reflected her true feelings towards her partner.

The cost of Deepika Padukone’s wedding ring is estimated to be between 1.3 -2.7 crore.

Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas

Priyanka’s Chopard wedding couple band features 3.9 carats of Ashoka –cut diamonds that matched her wedding attire perfectly. The intricate henna on her hand only made the stunning ring look even more gorgeous. Her husband Nick Jonas opted for a simple gold wedding band from the same brand.

The actress chose to wear this exclusive stone known for its distinctive cut and several sparkling facets. This spectacular choice grabbed the attention of everyone.

priyanka chopra and nick jones celeb wedding rings

Ashoka-cut diamonds are rare but make a perfect wedding band. Its history makes it even more interesting. No wonder, this super-hot celebrity made sure that all of the attention is on the diamond itself.

The cost of Priyanka Chopra’s wedding ring is approximately 1,40,35,000 INR.

Why does a celebrity choose to wear a unique wedding ring?

It’s easy to admire everything about a celebrity – from their red-carpet attire, relationships, and wedding outfits. Of course, the engagement rings. When it comes to their bridal bling, each prefers exclusivity that symbolizes mutual commitment and everlasting love. Their wedding rings are trendsetters and encompass rich sentimental values.

Cost Of Celebrity Couple Rings?

Bollywood couples are spend millions of amount on their wedding outfits and ornaments. Bollywood couple rings approx price cost start Rs. 3 lakh to 10 lakh around. Mostly bollywood diva go with solitaire diamond and emerald cut shape.

Where to buy diamond engagement ring like a celeb?