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Charming Bubbles Diamond Bracelet

₹ 99,311 ₹ 103,803
Save : 4492

Wings Of Colours Diamond Bracelet

₹ 31,065 ₹ 34,124
Save : 3059

Chaitrika Diamond Bangles

₹ 115,631 ₹ 118,875
Save : 3244

Mommy Duck Kids Chain Gold Bracelet

₹ 14,056 ₹ 15,231
Save : 1175

Trio Leofe Diamond Bracelet

₹ 51,344 ₹ 55,337
Save : 3993

Leofe Diamond Bracelet

₹ 38,710 ₹ 42,369
Save : 3659

Naira Glorious Diamond Bangles

₹ 115,715 ₹ 121,110
Save : 5395

Daksha Sparkle Diamond Bracelet

₹ 38,562 ₹ 42,400
Save : 3838

Avni Spring Diamond Bangles

₹ 145,463 ₹ 151,247
Save : 5784

Hello Kitty Diamond Gold Bracelet

₹ 27,422 ₹ 28,713
Save : 1291

Sparkling Heart Diamond Bracelet

₹ 30,573 ₹ 32,823
Save : 2250

Dual Bloom Fleur Diamond Bracelet

₹ 117,933 ₹ 123,977
Save : 6044

Charming Bubbles Diamond Bracelet

₹ 99,311 ₹ 103,803
Save : 4492

Dazzling Fleur Diamond Bracelet

₹ 34,275 ₹ 38,045
Save : 3770

Cute Baby Duck Gold Bracelet

₹ 16,090 ₹ 17,326
Save : 1236

Noddy Kids Diamond Bracelet

₹ 17,397 ₹ 18,701
Save : 1304

Delicate Blossom Diamond Bangles

₹ 74,691 ₹ 78,987
Save : 4296

Three Flora Diamond Bracelet

₹ 61,980 ₹ 65,039
Save : 3059

Dancing Doll Gold Kids Bracelet

₹ 30,069 ₹ 32,368
Save : 2299

Three Flora Diamond Bracelet

₹ 61,980 ₹ 65,039
Save : 3059

Gauri Diamond Bangles

₹ 101,993 ₹ 105,169
Save : 3176

Nora Fancy Diamond Bracelet

₹ 46,180 ₹ 48,757
Save : 2577

Little Mice Kids Gold Bracelet

₹ 20,746 ₹ 21,970
Save : 1224

Grace Diamond Bracelet

₹ 74,312 ₹ 77,637
Save : 3325
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Celestial Diamond Bangles

₹ 74,610 (₹ 77,051)

Save ₹ 2441

Nora Fancy Diamond Bracelet

₹ 46,180 (₹ 48,757)

Save ₹ 2577

Aaradhya Diamond Bracelet

₹ 49,211 (₹ 52,376)

Save ₹ 3165

Mommy Duck Kids Chain Gold Bracelet

₹ 14,056 (₹ 15,231)

Save ₹ 1175

Amruta Chain Diamond Bracelet

₹ 38,423 (₹ 41,031)

Save ₹ 2608

Sparkling Diamond Bracelet

₹ 81,659 (₹ 84,385)

Save ₹ 2726

Intertwined Round Diamond Bracelet

₹ 49,407 (₹ 51,484)

Save ₹ 2077

Celestial Diamond Bangles

₹ 74,610 (₹ 77,051)

Save ₹ 2441

Trio Leofe Diamond Bracelet

₹ 51,344 (₹ 55,337)

Save ₹ 3993

Infinite Diamond Bracelet

₹ 56,019 (₹ 60,221)

Save ₹ 4202

Dazzling Fleur Diamond Bracelet

₹ 34,275 (₹ 38,045)

Save ₹ 3770

Moon Teddy Kids Gold Bracelet

₹ 17,378 (₹ 18,824)

Save ₹ 1446

Ishani Charming Diamond Bracelet

₹ 32,296 (₹ 35,843)

Save ₹ 3547

Plain Feather Diamond Bracelet

₹ 160,619 (₹ 164,562)

Save ₹ 3943

Dazzling Fleur Diamond Bracelet

₹ 34,275 (₹ 38,045)

Save ₹ 3770

Love Butterfly Baby Gold Bracelet

₹ 18,243 (₹ 19,930)

Save ₹ 1687

Round Cluster Diamond Bracelet

₹ 57,443 (₹ 59,717)

Save ₹ 2274

Naira Glorious Diamond Bangles

₹ 115,715 (₹ 121,110)

Save ₹ 5395

Damini Diamond Bracelet

₹ 35,981 (₹ 38,280)

Save ₹ 2299

Saira Sparkling Diamond Bangles

₹ 63,434 (₹ 67,488)

Save ₹ 4054

Fancy Charm Gold Bracelet

₹ 23,827 (₹ 26,781)

Save ₹ 2954

Teddy Heart Diamond Gold Bracelet

₹ 39,621 (₹ 43,397)

Save ₹ 3776

Cute Lil Boy Gold Bracelet

₹ 14,605 (₹ 15,718)

Save ₹ 1113

Gauri Diamond Bangles

₹ 101,993 (₹ 105,169)

Save ₹ 3176


Bangle bracelets are a powerful way to add some fun to your jewellery collection. They can be worn single handedly or with other jewellery, and they come in many other designs, patterns, styles and colours. In online stores such as perrian.com, diamond bangles and gold bangles are currently available at affordable prices. A bangle is a popular form of jewellery from India, in which the arm or wrist is covered with. Bangle names come from Sanskrit बंग (bāṅga) meaning "an ornament for the arm". 

Often, bangles are made of gold or silver of separate purity levels and colors. They are a very essential part of Indian culture since they show off representative Indian jewellery skills. 

In ancient India, the bangles were one of the earliest forms of jewellery worn by Indian women. 

There are some Indian tribes as a part of marriage customs. A set number of bangles are given to the bride by her mother and sisters, and tried by her on the day she is married, or during extraordinary festivals.

Types Of Bangles Collection In India

Our Perrian offers a wide collection of bangles along with various shapes like round bangles, egg-shape bangles, antiquated style bangles, gold bangles and silver bangles. We also offer customized service for your bangles with a selection of metals, gold, and silver. Depending on your requirement we offer excellent quality at reasonable prices. 

Round Bangles

Round bangles are the most popular among well-formed women who love to wear bangles in styles that enhance their looks. Round shape bangles have various style touches like modern, contemporary, geometry, and classic queenly one these all can wear as per occasions happen. Round bangles are considered a particular part of Indian wedding jewellery as they are symbolic of their charm. 

A woman can never be accomplished without having a delightful collection of round bangles; It can be worn for a very long time without getting out of fashion. Round bangles are available in various designs and can be used to match all outfits. 

Oval Bangles

Oval bangles are the same as round bangles but shaped in oval shape instead of round. A round bangle looks elegant on the wrist but an oval bangle looks much more natural and elegant on your arm. This bangle is worn on uncommon occasions or also worn at office wear in contemporary design options. 

Square Bangles

Square bangles are an excellent optional bangles style in which women want to wear something stylish and get something unique jewellery They can choose it to square one and wear it with western, indo-western and ethical traditional outfits. 

Thin and contemporary designs are trending in this type of bangle ornament to get more charm. This one is the satisfactory one. 

Eternity Round Bangles

Perrian Jewels offers a new line of bangles called Eternity Round Bangles, It's love to wear by women who love to wear trendy style jewellery designs. This type of bangle is also suitable for all occasions, they will give that additional glamour to your wrist. Eternity round bangles are available at a very reasonable price. There is also the option to put your choice of stone on the bangle along with the metal you want it to be made of.

Bangles are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and designs, from inartificial silver or gold bangles to intricate and adorning ones; there is sincerely something for everyone to wear. Bangle is a strong and beautifully crafted jewellery item that holds an extraordinary place in the heart of every woman. The fact that bangles are made from powerful and strong metals like gold and silver makes them even more attractive, as they last longer with minimal care.

Other Bangles Jewellery Collection Which Popular In India

Our collection of bangles jewellery includes antique-style bangles, delicate baby bangles, trendy studded bangles, silver bangles design optional. In South India, obsolete style bangles are one of the most popular pieces of jewellery among women, Antic design of style commendable for bridal collection, engagement collection where thick design used by craftsmen. 

Beautifully carved and engraved patterns give these bangles a conspicuous look. Babies wear baby bangles when they are young and are made mainly of silver. They are the earliest jewellery that a girl gets to wear during her childhood days without any hesitation. These bangles are mostly made with a silver base which is then covered with other designs of beads, paintings, flowers, and more.

How Much Do Bangles Cost?

Gold bangles price start approx 18000 INR to go up 1,50,000 and cost are depending on size, weight diamond carat if used and the gold karat. And, making charges which are included in bangle prices. 

Which Bangle Is Best?

Round bangle is one of the most wearables by women and it is a commendable one to consider by jewellery experts. If you are thinking of getting bangles but rambling about the shapes of the design then the round one is one of the best and most popular ones. 

What Ethnic Wears Bangles?

Bangles which come with a classic and queenly design that all are considered in ethnic design. And, suitable to wear with ethnic outfits.

What Do Bangles Represent?

Bangles are present about maturities, feminism, luck, health and religion defined in some parts of it. Bangles have been worn since ancient times and they were used to make jewellery, decorate the body and also as a form of currency in some countries like India.

How Do I Know My Bangle Size?

Bangle size comes in different types and wears based on female wrist size there are 2, 3 and 4 sizes available in between them like (2.2, 2.3, and so on). You can easily know what the actual size of your bangle size is at home. We are a guide about our size education page kindly visit. 

Bangles Price
Naira Flickering Diamond Bangles Rs. 165877.06 /-
The Classic Diamond Bangles Rs. 194658.58 /-
Eliana Elegance Diamond Bangles Rs. 77080.14 /-
Nora Glamorous Diamond Bangles Rs. 169053.7 /-
Millenia Diamond Bangles Rs. 123012 /-
Princia Diamond Bangles Rs. 153928.7 /-
Tanisha Diamond Bangles Rs. 198053.58 /-
Hearthrob Diamond Bangles Rs. 343383 /-
Avni Glo Diamond Bangles Rs. 105833.49 /-
Celestial Diamond Bangles Rs. 74677.35 /-
Gauri Diamond Bangles Rs. 52291.02 /-
Chaitaly Diamond Bangles Rs. 167211.35 /-
Geet Diamond Bangles Rs. 174242.06 /-
Mahera Dazzle Diamond Bangles Rs. 48727.43 /-
Chaitrika Diamond Bangles Rs. 63802.25 /-
Last price updated on : 10-Aug-2022