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Shop online- Bangles and Bracelets

Since past thousands of years now, people have been known to wear jewellery on their wrist regardless of their class and gender. Brides in India often wear bangles on their wedding day which is a part of the ‘solahshringar’. We at Perrian offer both diamond gold bangles and diamond gold bracelets to all the customers who like shopping diamond jewellery online.

Buy Diamond Gold Bangles online

It was during the Mohenjo-Daro era when bangles were first discovered. It has a great historical significance in India and is one of the oldest forms of ornaments. Known as Bangdi in Maharashtra and Gujarat, chudi in North India, Gajni Bale/Valayal/Vala in South India, it is accepted and encouraged in all parts of the country. has a wide range of gold bangles’ collection for customers who like buying traditional designs and for those who love to have latest and trending designs as a part of their ornament collection.

Diamond Bracelets- Classic and Latest

Around 7000 years ago people in Egypt started wearing Bracelets and the style rapidly gained popularity in China. The word Bracelet is a derivation of the Latin word Bracchiale. At Perrian we engrave our gold bracelets with diamonds and gemstones catering the demand of the current vogue.

Top picks of 2018

We recommend you have a lookat our diamond pendants and Mangalsutra collection which has been recently optimised with new and trending designs.

Customisable Diamond Jewellery at Perrian

We allow you to customise the adornments that you have selected in terms of both gold and diamond. Our user-friendly website lets you select the colour of the metal as well as the purity of the metal. Not just that you can also select the colour of the diamond and the clarity of the diamond.

All the jewellery we sell in our website is available in three different gold colours namely, rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. Also available for selection is the purity of the gold in which you want you jewellery which is- 10k, 14k, 18k.

The clarity and the colour of the diamond which is/are going to be engraved in your design can be selected in the following ways:

  • IJ-SI
  • GH-SI
  • GH-VS
  • VVS-EF