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Classic and Contemporary Hoop Earrings

Earrings are one of the most commonly worn pieces of jewellery, over the years individuals of all genders have adorned themselves with different forms of diamond earrings. Not just in India, people of all ethnicities, cultures and areas of the world are known to wear it in different forms and designs and hoop earrings are the type of designs that have remained in vogue for decades now. Perrian.in brings you variety of hoops’ designs which you can select from online.

Hoop Earrings Online

This type of earrings are suitable for almost all the occasions which includes ceremonies like weddings, anniversaries etc. You can also adorn yourself with hoops while going to the office, for a casual meet or while at home. In order to suit different needs for different occasions we have a large variety of designs which includes diamond, gold and gemstone hoop earrings.

CustomisableDiamond Jewellery at Perrian

We offer online jewellery customisation to all our customers. Our customisation for gold is can be done in the following manner- you can select any one of the three gold colours i.e. white gold rose gold and yellow gold for your ornament. Along with that you can also select the purity of gold from the following three: 10 K, 14 K, 18 K.

Our customisation options are not just limited to gold, we also offer variations in diamond/s that will be studded in your jewellery. The variations are offered with respect to clarity and colour of the diamond and they are- IJ-SI, GH-SI, GH-VS, VVS-EF.

Buy Latest and Trending Designs

All our jewellery designs are designed specifically to cover two genres i.e. types of designs that are in vogue and the ones that are deemed classic. Our Pendant section has been recently updated with lots of new designs and we recommend you browse through it. We have also added a new section in our website called the Zodiac collection which has lots of interesting and unique designs.