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Started back in the early sixties diamond hoop earrings are the type of ear pieces that never go out of style and are always lovable. However, it is believed that the hoops came into fashion in the very early years somewhere in Rome or Egypt and albeit they look completely different from what they did several years ago they are still in vogue among women. Hoops are known for their class, charisma and simplicity.

Know what is Trending in Diamond Jewelry

Fashion experts often say that every woman needs hoop earrings just like she needs a black dress in her wardrobe collection. Diamond hoops are one of the oldest diamond jewelry pieces. Women from different cultures and civilizations such as Sumerian, Greco-Roman and Egyptian have been wearing it since centuries. Since past few years the demand and designs of hoop earrings have drastically improved. Previously, only round diamond hoopswere in vogue but now as the revolution of fashion increases the popularity of other designs is slowly growing.

A hoop earring is like a circle of wire that is put on through the piercing that is made on the lobe of the ear. Hoops come in different styles and types and the way in which it opens, and closes differentiates them in style.

Customized Fine Jewelry

Perrian proudly presents a beautiful collection of diamond hoops in an array of various diamond settings and precious metals. The hoop earrings also come in different styles which have gems and pearls studded in it. You can select the color of gold, purity of gold and color&clarity of diamond of your liking in the design you choose.

Our Top Designs of 2018

At Perrian we have a wide and vivid range of diamond hoop earrings to offer. We sell hoop earrings for every occasions and festivities. We recommend you try our rings and pendants designs which have been recently updated with latest and trending designs.