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5 Must-Have Diamond Jewellery Pieces You Can’t Ignore

Diamond ornaments these days are more than just a piece used as adornments, they have become an integral part of the attire. Every woman should own a few diamond jewellery pieces made of precious metal. Due to the wide range of options available on the market, it can be difficult to determine which designs are most necessary.

In addition to that, there is the difficulty of what kind of design is suitable for different occasions like engagements, weddings, parties etc. Or for daily wear, office wear, meetings with clients etc. Therefore, we have come up with 5 jewellery types that are a must-have and will cover all your needs. In this article, you will find out about the best diamond jewellery pieces that every woman should possess in her collection.

Diamond Studs

Do you have a pair of stud earrings in your closet? If no is the answer, then you should really get one today. Studs are the basic form of ornaments that can be used on multiple occasions and are always in trend. If you are wearing them at work, then put them on with a silk shirt. Have a date? A black dress put together with studs is the perfect answer. So, here are two options that you must own in your collection of diamond stud earrings:

Round diamond simple stud earrings

5 Must-Have Diamond Jewellery Pieces
Diamond Studs

INR: ₹37, 619

These round studs are very lightweight and easy to carry around. They look great with any outfit and are ideal for everyday use. These studs are perfect for office wear and also make a good choice if you want something classic but still trendy. The price is not too high either. You can buy them online from our website.

Halo stud earrings 

5 Must-Have Diamond Jewellery Pieces | Diamond halo earrings
Diamond Studs

INR: ₹92,247

The halo stud has been a favourite among women for years. It gives off a lot of shine and sparkles. They are extremely popular because of their unique shape and style. You can choose from many designs and shapes. There are even some that have gemstones embedded inside. This makes them even more attractive. You can also choose any stone shape for a centre stone with a halo setting. 

Hoop Earrings

Simple yet defining, hoops are one of the perfect matches for office wear. They don’t overpower the professional conduct code while still appearing stunning. And if you have a night out today, a legging and a funky t-shirt along with hoops is the right way to do it. Here are some options from which you can choose depending on your taste:

Plain gold hoop earrings

5 Must-Have Diamond Jewellery Pieces | plain gold earrings
Hoop Earrings

INR: ₹32,852

If you love simplicity, then plain gold hoops are the ones for you. These are also called classic hoops. They go well with almost anything and are a must-have for anyone who loves simplicity. This is one of the most affordable options to complete your jewellery wardrobe. 

Diamond hoop earrings

5 Must-Have Diamond Jewellery Pieces | Diamond hoop earrings
Hoop Earrings

INR: 33,553

Diamond hoops are the hottest thing in the business world. They are classy and sophisticated. They are so much fun to wear and add glamour to your personality. You can choose between white gold, yellow gold or rose gold depending on your preference.

Diamond Bracelets

The perfect answer to wearing diamond jewellery on your wrist is a bracelet studded with precious stones. Regardless of the occasion it is the perfect fit and adds gracefulness to your appearance. And a perfectly suitable form of ornament in a meeting with an important client.

Charm bracelets

5 Must-Have Diamond Jewellery Pieces | charm bracelets
Diamond Bracelets

INR: ₹49,191

A charm bracelet is a perfect piece of jewellery for those who love fashion and beauty. This would be a great piece to wear for a first meeting or on your first date. It’s also a perfect gift idea for someone special.

Tennis bracelets

5 Must-Have Diamond Jewellery Pieces | Tennis bracelets
Diamond Bracelets

INR: ₹1,75,894

This piece of bracelet is one of the most stylish pieces of jewellery you can ever own. This can be more expensive than others but it is worth every penny. It will definitely impress everyone when you wear this.

Stunning Pendant

A single amulet, with diamonds or coloured precious stones engrained in it, is your year-round answer to the ideal jewellery for the ideal occasion. Diamond pendants will suit your workwear attire and will also seem charming if you are thinking of hanging out with your friends on the same evening.

Solitaire diamond pendant

5 Must-Have Diamond Jewellery Pieces | Solitaire diamond pendant
Stunning Pendant

INR: ₹26,756

It is a beautiful piece of jewellery which looks absolutely amazing. It goes well with all types of outfits and is a definite hit at parties and dinner nights. This solitaire pendant is one of the most used and popular pieces of jewellery. You can choose from any stone shape including; round, princess, oval, emerald, etc.

Sign diamond pendant

5 Must-Have Diamond Jewellery Pieces | Sign diamond pendant
Stunning Pendant

INR: ₹7,687

You can never go wrong with a sign pendant. It is a very simple design and looks gorgeous on its own. You can buy this pendant at a very affordable price and wear it anywhere. There are many different kinds of designs available and you can choose one depending on your choice. You can choose from a zodiac sign pendant, geometric sign, molecule sign, etc.

Lustrous Ring

Apart from the wedding band or the engagement ring, every woman should at least have one diamond ring. The ring that has been solely chosen by you is a testament to the fact that you are your first love.

Eternity band

5 Must-Have Diamond Jewellery Pieces | Eternity ring
Lustrous Ring

INR: ₹23,018

The shiniest diamond ring that every woman should have. These are not only for engagement rings, but also for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions. It is a timeless piece of jewellery that will always look good on you no matter what time period you live in.

Simple diamond ring

5 Must-Have Diamond Jewellery Pieces | Solitaire diamond ring
Lustrous Ring

INR: ₹42,553

If you want something simple yet elegant then this is the best option for you. It is a classic ring that will always look good. You can wear this with a pair of earrings and a matching pendant. It can cost you depending on a diamond carat weight.


What is the best everyday jewellery?

Everyday jewellery is the simplest type of jewellery. It does not need much attention and maintenance. For instance, you can wear a nose pin as everyday jewellery. A necklace or a bracelet can be worn with almost everything.