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When talking about fine jewelry and earrings to be precise many styles have come in vogue over the years and faded away. But, stud earrings have always been in trend and never seem to outdate itself. This is because these types of earrings can be worn at anytime and in every occasion. We at Perrian have created a catalogue of high quality studs to cater our customers across the globe.

History of Diamond Studs

It was back in Egypt during 1500 B.C.E where her people started wear stud earrings of mushroom shape. And it was during the Victorian era when the popularity of studs rose among women of that age. In fact the most admired pieces of studs were that studded with diamonds in gold.

The admiration of these earrings was not just limited to women, even men used to wear stud earrings with diamonds or gemstones studded in it.

Customize Your Fine Jewelry Now

We offer our customers worldwide to customize the designs that they fancy for themselves. The customization is available in two different genres viz. gold and diamond.

The customization of gold includes selecting the color of gold which is available in three different colors namely; rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. Along with that the purity of gold can also be chosen from: 10 K, 14 K, 18 K.

Now the diamond can be customized with respect to it clarity and color. We offer four different color-clarity variation options i.e. IJ-SI, GH-SI, GH-VS, VVS-EF. All in all you can customize your jewelry design in 36 different ways, Spoilt for choice! Aren’t you?

Designer Ornaments at Perrian

All our embellishments’ designs are designed by expert designers from USA and we have a very wide range of designs’ catalogue in our website. Some of the most unique pieces of jewelry are in the gemstone rings section and the bracelets section.