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Every ring created by Perrian has a story behind it because it belongs to a specific collection which is based on a theme or is drawn by some inspiration. Our designers give life to these inspirations in the form of mesmeric designs. Perrian offers seven different categories of rings which is a testament to our wide range of collection.

As per the conventional belief of the Roman people, the weeding band is worn at the left hand ring finger; it is believed that the there is a vein in the finger which is known as ‘vein of love’ which is particularly linked with the heart and as we all know when it comes to buying a ring most of us prefer to gift it to a loved one.

Engagement ring

The credit goes to the people of Egypt for having imagined the wedding band and the ancient Greeks to have embraced it. Engagement is one of the most memorable moments of an individual’s life, rings studded with diamonds on it is the natural and conventional choice for engagement rings. Just like your love they tend to last longer and have good durability. The collection of our solitaire engagement rings is very popular and a very usual choice because women think it is perfect for them and it also makes a bold statement. One of our best pieces and a must have is ‘The Sublime Solitaire Ring’.

Couple bands

Couple bands are specifically designed to ensure that it reflects the sentiment of the couple. The pattern for men and women is the same; as two different bands with the same design and a similar outline embody the spirit of ‘made for each other’. The Polytric love band and the Maritim Couple bands are one of a kind and have a unique excellence associated with it.

Our other collections of rings includes:

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