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Diamond Studded Wedding Bands

One of the most revered items of jewelry in everybody’s life is the wedding band and we at Perrian uphold this respect and reverence for the wedding band and create designs to that effect. We understand the significance of the wedding band and that is why we offer complete freedom of choice to the customers. Customizing the wedding band remains one of our specialties and the freedom to choose the metal, the precious stone, and the shape of the stone and the design of the band all remain with the customers. In fact, the customer’s desire is a command for us and we make sure that it is honored exactly the way the customer desired it.’s Promise

Though we give complete freedom of choice, we also understand that the customer is not aware of the technical details that are implemented in the making of the wedding band. And it is here that our consultants offer technical advice in the designing of the jewelry. We make sure that the customer has completely understood the pros and cons of creating a design that has been chosen by them. Depending on this discussion further adjustments and amendments are made.

Wemake sure that the best quality metal, the highest quality of precious gemstones and diamonds are used. Keeping all the important aspects of jewelry making in mind like the four “C’s” and the size and shape of the stones so that it does not mar the occasion and is suited to it, our craftsmen create designs according to the customers will.

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Perrian has remained the most preferred online store for wedding bands for the sole reason that we maintain a high quality that is expected of companies that are certified by EGL (European Gemological Laboratory). Moreover, with innumerable payment options, the lifetime guarantee which we offer to our customers, the money back policy and exchange facility, we have now become quite a preferred online store for jewelry. All this and many more fine jewelry categories like Engagement rings and diamond pendants add up to make us your favorite jeweler!