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Coral is a natural gemstone. Real, untreated coral is exceptionally uncommon and consequently extremely precious in value. It is to a great degree delicate and therefore the mohs scale rates it at approximately 3.5-4 in terms of its hardness. Coral is made out of calcium carbonate, which is discharged by little ocean polyps for them to make their own natural shield. Coral that is meant to be used for commercial purposes is never gathered from ensured reefs or banks, and harvesters have as of late turned out to be more cautious with their strategies for harvesting it, dispatching proficient jumpers to meticulously gather coral branches in order to refrain from harming the ocean living beings inside. Most coral that is meant to be utilized as a part of jewelry making originates from Sicily or Sardinia. From reds and oranges to whites and even blues is the range of coral's color.