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Moonstone is an individual from the huge feldspar group of minerals which includes around 66% of all stones on earth. The mohs scale rates it at approximately 6-6.5 in terms of its hardness. It displays an extensive variety of hues from green, darker, yellow, gray pink, rainbow, and colorless to extremely uncommon blues. Fantastic moonstones show a somewhat blue radiance. Commonly thought as resembling moonshine, the main characteristic for the moonstone is its white shimmery gleam. History holds that the Romans and Hindus thought the stone was framed from real bits of moonlight, numerous still trust that the future might be found in its ethereal flash. The one of a kind blue-shine of light that slides over the surface of the stone is caused by a sort of light refraction called adularescence. Most moonstones originate from Sri Lanka, also some are mined in India, Burma, Mexico and Madagascar. The moonstone is the June birthstone in Europe.