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The two stones jadeite and nephrite have an umbrella term which is called jade. Jadeite shows hues which includes green, white, pink, red, dark, brown, and violet. Nephrite normally shows mid to dark green or gray green, yet it can likewise be white, yellowish, or reddish. Jades that have an evenly distributed color combination in them are known as the finest. Jade has been esteemed by both Eastern and Western nations for more than 7,000 years. It is viewed as something that epitomizes sovereignty, sympathy, goodness, magnificence, humility and much more. Mohs scale rates jade’ between 6.5 and 7 in terms of its hardness, however, they are amazingly robust. In light of this durability, jades have been utilized by early civic establishments to make blades, tomahawks, devices and weaponry. They are outstanding for being a compelling solution for kidney illnesses. The word jadeite started from the Spanish 'piedra de ijada', and the word nephrite began from the Latin' lapis nephriticus', both signifying 'loin stone'.