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An individual from the copper family, turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones known to human, and countless ancient civilizations across the globe has treasured it. The common belief is that it originates from Iran, where numerous Persians sported turquoise on their turbans to protect themselves from individuals who were trying to nurse ill-will for them. The locals of America, Egypt, China and Tibet also believe that turquoise holds otherworldly and protective powers. Turquoise is known for its light blue shading, which ranges from greenish-blue to sky blue, and now and again shows yellow, black, or even brown veining. It shows a hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale. Since the sources of turquoise have become minimal in Iran because of its constant mining throughout hundreds of years it is now sourced from the south western United States, Mexico, Afghanistan, Israel and China. The December birthstone in the United States is turquoise.