What is a diamond appraisal?

A diamond appraisal documents the important characteristics of the diamond such as, carat weight, cut, color, shape, clarity and various other measurements along with the weight, purity and ring styling (in case it is a jewelry). An appraisal is in short is the thorough examination of your diamond which gives an idea of the monetary worth of your diamond.

diamond appraisal

While choosing your diamond appraiser always take care of the following:

  • The jeweler should be independent of any jewelry retailer.

  • The appraiser should be a graduate gemologist who is certified by the GIA.

  • The appraiser should be a member of a reputed appraisal association.

  • The appraiser should conform with the USPAP i.e. uniform standard of professional appraisal practice.

  • The appraiser should be experienced.

  • He/she (appraiser) should charge lump sum and not a percentage of the value of the item.

  • Always ensure that you are around when your diamond is getting appraised.