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Regarded a savvy, lighter contrasting option to platinum, palladium has increased enormous ubiquity as a chosen metal for adornments by ladies and men alike. Palladium is a valuable metal that has an uncanny likeness to platinum without the same price. It is white in color naturally, so this metal does not require rhodium-plating to render it into an elegant novelty of a jewelry shop. Another attracting characteristic of palladium is that it is hypoallergenic (nickel free) and impervious to discolor caused by delayed wear and presentation.



While manufacturing jewelry, a palladium piece ought to in a perfect world stick to the 95% standard of purity, indistinguishable to the purity level that is used in making platinum jewelry. Ruthenium is added to the palladium, and in addition other hypoallergenic metals that deliver more noteworthy hardness and consistency.