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Pearl Care

Pearls are thought to be the most wonderful of every single natural gem that exists. Quality pearls can be very solid, however are quite significantly more fragile than some other gemstone or metal: they are gentler and more susceptible to breaking, scratching and dulling. Oils, moisturizers, powders, clean and sweat can diminish the sparkle of a glossy pearl. To guarantee that your pearls continue and remain glowingly wonderful, it's critical to handle them with great care.

Some tips on how to take care of your pearl jewelry

Day to day care

Abstain from presenting your pearls to materials or substances that may harm them, including vinegar, cosmetic products, chlorine, alkali, or hairspray. You should use your cosmetic products before wearing your pear jewelry. Wipe it with a warm, delicate, moist fabric to expel any oils or grime once you are no longer feel the need to wear your pearl jewelry.


How to maintain my pearl jewelry?

A mild solution of soap and warm water should be used to in definite time periods to wash the pearl jewelry. Always utilize a delicate, perfect, sodden material to wash and dry your pearls. On the off chance that your pearl jewelry gets very dirty you should use the polish remover made of acetone but the one thing that you should never forget is always refrain from exposing your pearl jewelry to detergent, ammonia and vinegar.

To keep a pearl jewelry solid, re-string your pearls from time to time and if you are wearing your jewelry very often; restring them annually. Ask your jeweler to have the strand between each pearl knotted. This will keep them from rubbing against each other or slipping. With particularly little pearls this may not be conceivable, but rather dependably counsel with your diamond setter.


How to store my pearls?

Make certain to store your pearls securely. To keep away from scratches or additional harm, wrap your pearls in a delicate material before settling them in your jewelry box. Or else, store them in an individual, delicate lined pouch, box or a holder that could protect it nicely.