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Diamond Fluorescence

What is diamond fluorescence? A diamond tends to emit a soft glow when exposed to ultraviolet light. This phenomenon is called diamond fluorescence. This effect is present in more than 30% of diamond stones and it is an important factor that needs consideration while buying a diamond.




> No fluorescence

> No influence

> No color


> Weak fluorescence

> No significant influence on color


> Average fluorescence

> Small influence


> Average fluorescence

> Small influence

Very Strong

> Strong fluorescence

> Substantial color influence

It can either augment or detract from the appearance of a diamond. A lower colored diamond can be improved by a bluish tint i.e. J-M color rated. This is because it cancels out the faint yellow which results in a colorless appearance. In a diamond that is high colored i.e. D-F color rated it has the opposite effect. A hazy, milky, oily or cloudy appearance is created in a small number of diamonds due to the presence of fluorescence.

Studies show that for most of the diamonds the strength of fluorescence has no noticeable effect on its look. The study also found that a non expert could not differentiate a diamond that has fluorescence in it and a diamond that does not. Most of the consumers prefer to have fluorescence in their diamond ranging from medium to strong. In a few cases consumers opt for extremely strong fluorescence.