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Regularly proclaimed as similarly as delightful as the jewels it shows, platinum brags a shiny white brilliance that bestows unmistakable tastefulness and mixes well with an assortment of metals and stones. Having strength four times as much as gold, platinum is famous for its hard-wearing properties, protection from harm and wear.



Platinum is considered to be the purest and most precious metals that are used for making jewelry. It embodies luxury and longevity because of its sheer robustness and durability. Pure platinum is mixed with a few other metals just so that is becomes more malleable. Metals like palladium, copper, rhodium etc are commonly mixed with platinum to improve its malleability.

Metals that are marked with 950 or 900 purity mark fall under the category of high grade palladium. Quite often alloys that contain a low ratio are used in making jewelry, however, these pieces do not reflect the same high standards of quality and beauty.