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Select a diamond ring without letting her know-moreguide

> The hand that is dominant is slightly bigger

> More often than not a women’s ring size range between 6 to 6.5

> Ring that is wide fit tightly

> At Perrian we are happy to guide you in this amazing short journey of yours, from choosing the perfect size to delivering you the perfect ring our customer care team will be willing to help you in any manner they can.


Find subtle ways to know her ring size

In case you have made up your mind on proposing her finding the correct ring size can be a difficult job. However, it is not an impossible one! Find subtle ways to get her correct ring size. One of the ways to do it is by pretending that you are looking to get someone in your family a ring and you need her help finding a ring that fits perfectly well. Ensure that the pseudo recipient of the ring has hands of similar physical stature like that of your girlfriend.

Her girlfriend and your confidant

Choose one of her girlfriends whom you can trust completely with a secret like this. If the friend does not know about it right away then tell her to ask your girlfriend about her size diligently. Ask the common friend to take her shopping and have her try out engagement ring just for fun, in that we you could get a size that is done by a professional.

One more solution is to ask a girl in your circle who is engaged to let your girlfriend try out the engagement ring. Albeit it will leave you in a huge size range to deal with but this is a nice way to figure out the type or style of ring your girlfriend prefers.

Get one of her older rings

Another way to do it is by trying to get hold of one of her rings for some time. This method might backfire on you if you have mistakenly chosen a ring that does not fit her any longer. Also, more accurate prediction can be made of the correct ring size if the old ring that you have gotten hold of is meant for the right hand.

Simply ask

Okay, so you have been trying an awful lot of ways to find the correct ring size and yet no luck! In this case just go ahead and ask her to give you her ring size. This is of course suggested assuming the fact that you and your girlfriend have been talking about getting married for a long time now. Of course you need not worry- you could still surprise her! After all, she is completely going to be oblivious with the time and manner of the proposal.