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Stone Settings

Here are the different settings that are used to fit your diamond solitaire or the diamonds that will be used to make your diamond ring.


Prong Settings

Prongs are the most conventional setting procedure. Prongs take into consideration greatest introduction of the jewel and limit the nearness of metal (gold or platinum). Thus, more light can go through the diamond, which just adds to its brightness.


Bezel Settings

This setting style, principally known for its straightforwardness and strength, encases the encompassing external edge of the jewel in a fine edge of metal (gold or platinum). When utilizing white gold or platinum it can regularly give the diamond a bigger appearance. The bezel setting is an adaptable one since it can accommodate any diamond.


Tension Settings

This type of setting is an advanced and excellent technique for setting a diamond into a ring. In pressure set rings, the diamond is basically 'compressed' into a little furrow that is cut into the strain mounting. The mountings are fabricated utilizing valuable metals that are particularly solidified to grasp the precious stone without the need of prongs. The settings are intended to be extremely secure.


Channel Settings

Channel settings are adored for their brightness and sturdiness. With this setting, tiny diamonds (more often than not round or princess-cut) are set into the metal band, accordingly making a 'channel' which holds the jewels. The little jewels are extremely secure on the grounds that they are implanted into the metal, making it exceptionally troublesome for them to drop out. Therefore, channel settings are an especially decent choice for individuals who work with their hands.


Bar Settings

As the name recommends, the bar setting is portrayed by two metal bars that holds the diamond. The bar setting has a smooth and contemporary look that puts forth a strong expression. This setting additionally exhibits the diamond that is at the centre wonderfully, which enables more light to enter the diamond and builds the precious stone's splendor.


Pave Settings

The precious stones with the help of small beads are set low and tight to each other in this type of setting. Due to this type of setting of precious stones the ring surface will look as if coated with diamonds or gemstones which will give a mesmeric effect.