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Diamond Carat

The unit of weight that is used to measure precious stones like diamonds, gemstones, etc. is called diamond carat weight. It is also referred to as carat size and diamond carat size. Keration (meaning: carob beans) is a Greek word from where the term carat is derived. The Mediterranean localities have used carob beans for centuries to measure weight of commodities and goods. The reason behind this was that people perceived carob beans to be very uniform in size and weight. Contrastingly, the markets of Asia used to measure goods with the help of rice grains that is the reason we still hear some jewelers refer to one carat diamond as “four grainer”. This is because in the early year's one carat diamond was considered to be equivalent to the weight of four grains of rice. In the period from 1900 to 1930 the standardization of the carat size against the metric system was done which was adopted globally.

1 carat =0.2 grams

2 carat =0.4 grams

4 carat =0.8 grams

Interestingly, 1 carat diamond equals 100 points hence a 25 point diamond can be referred to as 0.25 carat.


Relation between carat weight and its size

Contradicting the famous belief, the weight of the carat does not accurately reflect to the size of the diamond. The weight of the diamond increases faster than its diameter. Most of the round diamonds that are small have similar carat weight but cannot be segregated in size, It becomes difficult to predict the size of the diamond as it gets heavier.

When the carat weight of the diamond is weighed in combination with the diamond's diameter in millimeters and the cut grade of the diamond its size can be determined. Once the stone is mounted the diamond's diameter (millimeters) reflects the appearance of the diamond as seen from the top. It does not include the height of the pavilion and it is measured across a girdle (of the diamond).

Diamonds having high grade cuts that are low in carat look bigger than diamonds that have low grade cuts but are high in carat. The diamond that has higher cut grades produces the greatest fire and brilliance and reflects the maximum amount of light. Diamonds more often than not appear larger due to this bright sparkle and intense luminescence which creates the impression that the diamond is large in carat size. The light could “leak out” for diamonds with lower cut grades because they can have long and deep pavilions which will dull and mute the radiance of the diamond. The long pavilions can only add to the diamond weight which is covered underneath the setting after the stone is mounted which makes the carat size of the diamond will appear smaller.


Diamond price (carat) and carat weight

With the increase in the carat weight the prices of diamonds drastically soar. The reason behind this is that only one diamond in a million mined (approximately) produces one carat diamond that is fully cut and polished. While the diamond is being cut a lot of rough diamond material is wasted; nearly up to 40 to 60%. Large and rare diamonds are the most expensive.


Carat weight that we should choose!

Every individual has his or her own criteria of choosing a diamond; some choose carat size over clarity while others might choose color over carat weight. Perrian feels that before choosing a diamond one should know his or her own taste and budget.


Total carat weight

The term total carat weight depicts the total weight in carat of all the diamonds that are incorporated in your fine jewelry. For instance, in order to measure the total carat weight of ring having three diamonds in it, we would have to add the carat weight of all the three diamonds.

Satisfy your personal need Out of the four C's an individual should decide which is the most important to him or her. Some prefer sparkle and brilliance over size while others fancy large sized diamonds that have less radiance and higher carat size.

Diamond that fits in your budget:For the individual who is looking for a large stone but has a monetary leash should try and find a stone which has a better cut and a very good shape. If an individual wants to get hold of a stone that has high carat weight then the solution is find a stone with lower clarity, color and cut grade.

Finger size:For someone who has fingers that are small in size should always consider buying a diamond that has lower carat weight and lower carat size. That is because diamonds tend to appear larger on hands that are small in size and vice-versa.