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Diamond Certification

A diamond certificate consists of a report that is made by an expert gemologist which depicts the important characteristics of a diamond. A certificate that is issued by a gemological lab determines the quality of a diamond which allows individuals who are not experts to make educated diamond purchasing decisions.


GIA Diamond Certification

GIA is a non-profit institute which was founded in 1931 and is the acronym for Gemological Institute of America. It is considered to be one of the most trustable institutes in gemological fraternities. It first introduced their diamond grading system in 1953 and jewelers and merchants send their diamonds and gems to GIA for getting them certified.


AGS Diamond Certification

AGS was first established in 1943 and it is an acronym for the American Gem Society. It is highly regarded as an institute that upholds highest ethical standards in the industry. The AGS first entrenched a laboratory for grading precious stones in 1996.


EGL Diamond Certification

A laboratory established in 1974 in Belgium, EGL is an acronym for European Gemological Laboratory. The main aim of EGL is to promote public interest through education, advance science, education and outstanding service. It is chiefly known for using state of the art techniques for grading diamonds and pursuing advanced researches with scientists for introducing new and highly accurate grading methods. An EGL certificate is only issued after the diamond is thoroughly scrutinized and the certificate is very highly valued.


IGI Diamond Certification

IGI is an acronym for International Gemological Institute which was first established in 1975. It is considered to be one of the largest grading (precious stones) laboratory in the world which has its labs established in major centers of diamond industry.


HRD Diamond Certification

HRD is an acronym for Hoge Raad Voor Diamant which translates in English to Diamond High Council” was first entrenched in 1973 in Antwerp. It reports and supervises the export/import of over half of the worlds' loose precious stones.