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The gold purity grading depends on the composition of alloys in them and its rating is done as per the carat system. Carat purity ranges from 10kt to 24kt. In countries like Australia, Canada and the United States the most famous composition is 14 carat.

Types of gold in terms of carat and its alloy composition:


24 Karat Gold

It is the purest form of gold and has zero metals mixed in it. It is very soft and malleable and this is the reason it is mixed with other metals to improve its strength and durability.

22 Karat Gold

It contains 91.699% gold and the rest is filled with metals like copper, silver etc when used for making jewelry.

18 Karat Gold

It contains 75% gold and 25% alloy. It is considered as the perfect balance of gold purity and strength.

14 Karat Gold

It contains 58.399% gold and the rest is filled with alloys.

Jewelry that has gold with any less purity than 14kt is not recommended because it degrades the quality of the jewelry.

Gold and its hues


Known for its sparkling gloss and thickness, gold is known as the softest and most malleable metal that is formed naturally. In its purest shape, gold is brilliant yellow in shading, yet is frequently blended with different metals, for example, silver and copper, to frame a stronger composite that is more defiant to regular wear and tear. Moreover, these alloys help coloring gold and create shades of white, yellow, and rose.

A 100% pure gold has an inherited property which makes it very soft and malleable and due to this reason any amount of gold used while make fine jewelry has some alloys mixed in it to make it more hard and durable. When other metals are combined with pure gold it takes up vivid shades that are very desirable. Here are some of the hues that are used in Perrian's fine jewelry.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is considered to be the most precious gold color through which a majority of diamond jewelry products are made. Silver and copper alloys are mixed in it which makes it look so warm and shiny in color. The yellow color in yellow gold can be given different shades by changing its carat weight; higher the carat weight better is its shade.


White Gold

It is preferred more for wedding and engagement rings. It gets its sheening silver color by adding a few alloys like zinc, copper, palladium and manganese to normal gold. The best quality white gold jewelry is 18 carats, which comprises of an amalgamation of palladium and yellow gold.


Rose Gold

Considered an epitome of romance, copper and silver are added to normal gold in order to make rose gold. The intensity of the color depends on how much copper has been added to gold. It is also alluded to as “crown gold” and the most valuable rose gold has a 22 carat weight but the rose gold that is normally used in making diamond jewelry comprises if 75% gold and 25% copper.