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Diamond Shape

A diamond's cut is considered to be the most important of the four Cs. It is important to understand how a diamond's proportions and the relationship between them affects its brilliance, fire, and scintillation.


Round Cut Diamonds

75% out of all the diamonds that are sold are represented by this category making it the most popular diamond shape. Round diamonds are generally considered better than fancy diamond shapes because it reflects light better and improves its potential brightness. Almost all round diamonds are brilliant-cut, which means that it has 58 facets and 57 when culet is absent.

Due to the following reasons round diamond cost more on a per carat basis than fancy shapes: The demand for round diamonds is very high, relatively low yield because during the cutting (rough diamond) process more of the rough stone is lost hence the cost of the retained carat is higher.


Princess Cut Diamonds

Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz were the first creators of the princess cut diamond back in 1980. It is known as one of the most popular fancy cut, and is typically famous for engagement rings. Just like the round cut diamonds princess cut diamonds are favorable because of its flexibility and its versatility. Princess cut diamonds have a slight lower price per carat than round cut diamonds.


Asscher Cut Diamonds

The then famous for cutting the world's largest rough stone (the Cullinan) Asscher brothers from Netherlands were the first to have produced the asscher cut diamond in 1902. This cut gained huge popularity in the 1920's and eventually faded. However, it rose to prominence in the early 2000, a 100 years after it was invented only this time with some modifications like better cut which brought great brilliance to the diamond with this cut.


Radiant Cut Diamond

It is the first diamond in the family of square cut to have a facet pattern applied on both pavilion and crown that has a completely brilliant-cut. This creates a lively and very effervescent square diamond. The second such diamond is the princess cut diamond. Its popularity rose in the early years of the twentieth century.


Cushion Cut Diamond

This cut which was also known as the old mine cut, is a combination of a square cut that is has corners round in shape, almost like a pillow and that is the reason it is known as cushion cut diamond. The cushion cut's existence has been for over 200 years now and it was the most popular during the first century of its invention.


Emerald Cut Diamond

This shape was invented whilst cutting the gemstone- emerald that is why t is given this name. The emerald cut diamond is uniquely created by its large table which is open and the step cuts of its pavilion. The diamonds with emerald cuts produce a hall of mirrors effect rather than the sparkle of a brilliant-cut. The inter play of light and dark planes create this effect. Albeit it appears less fiery, the heightened lines and the theatrical flashes of light is what gives a graceful appeal to an emerald cut.


Marquise Cut Diamond

The name marquise is derived from Marquise of Pompadour. It is believed that the king of France Louis XIV had a diamond made which resembled the face of the marquise. These diamonds are long and narrow shaped due to which they tend to create an illusion of having a size bigger than it actually has. The marquise diamonds makes the finger of the wearer look slimmer and longer than it actually is.


Oval Cut Diamonds

Lazare Kaplan was the creator of the oval diamonds in the 1960's. Oval diamonds are nothing but a modified brilliant-cut (like virtually all round cuts). Oval diamonds is an ideal choice for customers who are looking for something round but distinctly more unique since the two shapes hold similar fire and brilliance. It also creates the illusion of a greater size because of its elongated shape. It makes the finger of the wearer of the diamond look long and slim which is a desired effect.


Pear Cut Diamond

A pear shaped diamond is made by the combination of a round and marquise shape with one pointed end. The diamond is supposed to be worn in such a way that the narrow end points towards the hand of the wearer.


Heart Cut Diamond

The heart shaped diamond which is modified and given a brilliant cut is a one of its kind symbol of love. Diamonds of this shape is very famous in pendants and rings. The most important feature when choosing a heart shaped diamond is its symmetry because it is necessary to make sure that the two sides of the heart are similar and when attached together. The cleft needs to be pointed, and the wings should slightly be round in shape.