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Earring backs

Earring backs have both ornamental as well as functional purpose. It is not commonly known that the earrings have different backs and the back type helps the style and design of the earrings. The earrings' back will decide if the earrings are studs, set intently to the wearer's ear cartilage, or dangles, falling off of the lobe of the wearer. Earring backs likewise add decent variety to the earrings pair.The earrings come with different types of backs ranging from the common safety backs to state of the art push backs. The following are the different types of earring backs.


Push backs

The push back is the most commonly used earring back which is used in stud earrings and they are also known as butterfly back. Push backs highlight a solitary ear nut which is pushed back onto the stud's post and held safely set up by minor groove incorporated into the post. The butterfly back is very user friendly and is preferred by consumers who are in search of studs that are durable and come with a secure back.


Screw backs

This type of backs is commonly used in both stud and dangle earrings. This specific back is fitted with a small screw which is screwed down a strung post and into the earring back keeping in mind the end goal to secure the earring to the lobe of the wearer. Screw backs have kind of a vintage or antique aesthetic about them and they were made famous back in the 1950’s. This type of ear back is admired for its durability and unique look.


Safety backs

This back is known for its capability to secure the most large-scale and robust earrings. This back highlights a positive-locking grasp intended to hold the earring post, hence holding the stud safely and in place. The back is loaded with spring, in which two tabs on its sides is fitted which are specifically designed to allow quick release. As the name suggests this safety back is termed as the most secure back and they have the ability to match earrings of any style and design.


Push backs

It appears with two notches on the post of the earrings. The studs' fastens are pushed onto the post and are held in their position with the help of friction that is applied by the grooved notches. This back is very commonly used in stud earrings and is preferred for its durability and user friendliness.


Hook backs

These backs get the name hook backs because the hooked post is threaded into the earlobe of the wearer. They are commonly used in dangling earrings and are famous with the consumers who want a simple yet sophisticated back for their earring


Lever backs

It contains a small lever which shuts and opens on to the end of the post of the earring, which helps secure the earrings in its position. They are commonly used in dangling earrings and they are famous for their distinctive and stylish aesthetics.